Houston Community College (HCC)

How to Apply

Eligibility Criteria

Dual Credit Courses List

To apply for a dual credit class, students will need to meet the necessary student eligibility requirements and then submit the following to through online registration form for each community college prior to or when registering:

  1. Get approval from the high school counselor
  2. Meet all course prerequisites and minimum college readiness test scores in reading, writing, and/or math for enrolled courses
  3. Go to the GoApplyTexas Website and use the (GoApplyTexas DC Guide) to complete the application.
  4. Upon receipt of your HCC ID number via email, submit the following forms through the HCC Dual Credit Online Registration Form for courses you will be taking next year by the deadline Friday, May 11th, 2022 at 4:00 pm (The registration form submitted without a HCC STUDENT ID # will NOT be accepted):
    1. HCC Dual Credit Approval Form
    2. HCC Student Commitment Statement
    3. Immunization Records (The immunization must have been received with in the last five years. Documentation must be in English and submitted with the HCC Meningitis Vaccination Verification Form.)
    4. HCC Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Verification Form
    5. College Ready TSI Test Results (Please contact your counselor about how to obtain your TSI results in pdf format)
    6. High School Transcript
  5. Upon submission of the Survey, your counselor will review your course requests for approval
  6. If approved, a waiver will be applied to cover tuition costs and you will receive a notification to proceed with enrollment upon completion to proceed with enrollment using PeopleSoft Student

How to Drop a Course

If you want to drop any course, please submit the HCC Online Drop/Withdrawal Online Request Form

Below are important documents and forms for HCC: