Why Dual Credit?

The benefits to high school students who participate in dual credit courses are numerous. At many colleges, students are able to earn 12 or more hours of college credit prior to graduating from high school. Additionally, a college course offered for dual credit has a guarantee of being included on the transcript for college credit at Texas public institutions.

Advantages for dual credit students include the following:

  • Receive high school and college credit for courses in which they earn a “C” or better
  • Fast-track their undergraduate or vocational degrees
  • Save on tuition and fees by accelerating the time to complete a degree
  • Reduced cost of enrolling in higher education courses
  • Opportunity to access college facilities and resources such as tutoring services, computer labs, and counseling services
  • Enhances skills required to be successful at the collegiate level such as time management skills, critical thinking skills, study skills, and following directions and procedures